Mens Division B

ENAD Agiou Dometiou

The team of ENAD Agiou Dometiou has a great history in terms of the U21 team as they won 2 champions during the seasons 1982-1983 and 1985-1986 while another seven times they won the cup. The last cup was won in the season 2007-2008. The

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Onisilos Sotiras

The club was founded in 1978 and was named after the ancient Cypriot revolutionary Onisillos.Kentro Neon Onisillos Sotiras is a Cypriot basketball club from the village of Sotira. The club was founded in 1978 and was named after the ancient

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Achilleas Kaimakliou

Achilleas Kaimakliou is one of the oldest and most historic teams of the Republic of Cyprus. With a history of almost 70 years (established in 1943) the Kaimakli team is consider (today) as being among the teams that invested a lot in

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AEL Limassol

The queen of Cyprus Basketball, team of Proteas DaNoi AEL is the most successful team in Cyprus since the beginning of the Basketball in the island. Especially the last decade, the Cyprus team made us proud in the European courts too. The Limassol

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Achilleas Agrou

Achillas Agrou was established in 1954 and the colors of the club are the light  blue and the yellow. The team has its own home court in Agros - Agros is a village of Limassol district, built amphitheatrically among high mountains at an

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Ydra Asfalistiki E.N.A.D.

ENAD (Enosis Neon Agiou Dometiou, Union of Youth of Agios Dometios), is a first division basketball team based in the Agios Dometios district which is a suburb located west of the capital Nicosia, Cyprus. Following the 1974 Turkish invasion of

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Olympos Aglantzias

The original name of the team is Ethniki Enosis Olympos Aglantzias and was founded in 1958 during the British occupation of the island, since its members were mostly members of the resistance of the local forces against the British

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Ε. Ν. Αgiou Athanasiou

Apen Agiou Athanasiou was established in 1930 as a football team at the beggining, then volleyball and after that a handball team. During 2007, the basketball team was established with two sections at the beggining, the Men's team and the cadet

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Zinonas Basketball

The team of Zinonas was established only at the 2009, since then it is participating only in the U21 and U16 leagues with an exception of teh season 2011-2012 when the team tried to play in the second division (first Group) but obviously their

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Enosis Kokkinotrimithias

Enosis Kokkinotrimithias established in 1942 initialy as a football and cultural club. At 1995 the basketball was launched in the club. Since the establishment of the basketball team, the team participating in the second division league

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Asteras Mesa Geitonias

Mesa Geitonia or Mesa Yitonia is a municipality of the District of Limassol and has around 15.000 citizens the majority being Greek Cypriots but also has some Russians and Serbian Cypriots. The team of Asteras Mesas Geitonias has a history of not

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MJ Basket Plus

Mike Jones the (Moro tou Elafiou) ledgentary basketball player, one of the top small forwards of the 90's in the European courts is the founder of the MJ Basket plus Academy. In 2004  Mike Jones introduced to Cyprus

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Argonaftes B.C. Erimis

The team from Erimi is a newlly established team with only five years in life. There are not many historical documents or great achievements for the specific team in the younger ages. A crama of players from AEL Limassol, Asteras Limassol and

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An overview of AEK triumph over APOEL in the three games

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Team Result
Anagennisi Germasogeias vs. ETHA Engomis
Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas vs. Keravnos Strovolou
CytaVision APOEL vs. Apollon BC
Anagennisi Germasogeias vs. Kapatsos Omonoia Nicosia
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Positions - Mens Division A

Team W/L P
1. Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas 13/2 28
2. Keravnos Strovolou 12/3 27
3. CytaVision APOEL 10/5 25
4. Apollon BC 9/6 24
5. ETHA Engomis 9/6 24
6. Enosis Neon Paralimniou 5/10 20
7. Kapatsos Omonoia Nicosia 2/13 17
8. Anagennisi Germasogeias 0/15 15
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