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APOEL is a professional basketball team from Nicosia, Cyprus. APOEL is one of the most flourishing basketball clubs in Cyprus by winning 10 Championships, 11 Cups and 10 Super cups. APOEL B.C. is part of the APOEL multisport club in which there are a number of other sports such as football, volleyball, cycling, table tennis, etc.
APOEL is the abbreviation of Athlitikos Podosferikos Omilos Ellinon Lefkosias, even though it does say only for football it remains historically in all the other sports, basketball being one of them.
APOEL's colors are blue and yellow. Blue symbolizes Greece and yellow symbolizes Cyprus. The logo is a blue and yellow shield with the name of the club written diagonally in blue. Other than that, the badge has remained the same since the establishment of the club.
The club's basketball and volleyball teams host their matches in the 3,000seats Lefkotheo Indoor Arena which was built in 1980. The Lefkotheo Indoor Arena is also shared with Omonia. For many years APOEL B.C. used as home venue the biggest indoor sport venue in the island, the Eleftheria Indoor Hall with a capacity of 6,800 seats.
APOEL is one of the most popular teams in Cyprus. APOEL fans are right-wing in their majority but there are no strong ties between the organised fans and any political party. That wasn't always the case but during the past years they have actively avoided association with any political party.
It was formed in 1926, but the basketball team was formed in 1947, even though the basketball federation established officially only in 1966, they were many championships before that year called Pan-Hellenic where APOEL was among the teams to participate together with the Armenian school of Melkonian and teams that formed from British soldiers, in the years to come teams such as Digenis Morfou, GSP, GSE, and Enosis of Greeks from Alexandria played unofficially many games.
The official games though only started in 1966-1967.
The first title for the team was the Cypriot Super cup in 1972, and next year (1973) the team won the Cup for first time. The team won the Championship for first time in 1976.
The 90's decade was the most successful for APOEL. The team won 4 Championships, 5 Cups and 4 Super cups during that period, including one double on the 1995-96 seasons.
Apoel is among the protagonists of the Cyprus league nearly every season.

Team History

APOEL was formed in 1926, but the basketball team was formed in 1947, 20 years before the Cypriot League was formed, even though the Cyprus basketball federation established officially only in 1966.
 Τhere were many “unofficial” championships before that year and one of them was named Pan-Hellenic Championship where APOEL Nicosia was among the teams to participate in the specific league together with the Armenian school of Melkonian and a number teams that formed from British soldiers, (Cyprus was occupied and was a part of the colony, for as many as 79 years from the Britts) in the years to come teams such as Digenis Morfou, GSP, GSE, and Enosis of Greeks from Alexandria played in the specific league which was not official so there are not many statistics and many information even today. The official games under the auspices of the Cyprus Basketball Federation begun only in the season 1966-1967.
The first title for the team was the team of APOEL Nicosia achieved only five years after the establishment of the competition and it was the Cypriot Super cup in 1972, and next year, 1973 the team won the Cup for the very first time.
APOEL won its first Cypriot League title in 1976, completing its long road to success. The Nicosia team won the Championship just  two years after the Turkish invasion and upon that time teams such as PAEK Kerynias, Digenis Akritas Morfou and ENAD Agiou Dometiou  were not participating in the league due to the fact that most of the players of the specific teams were either missing in action or dead by the Turkish troops. It is worth mentioned that all the titles from the beginning of the Cyprus Basketball federation until the Turkish invasion have been won by the teams which suffered most from the invasion, Digenis Akritas Morfou 2 championships, PAEK Kerynias 3 championships and ENAD one championship
During the next decade APOEL won the trophies in the seasons 1978-1979, and 1980- 1981 then and for as many as 14 years and until the season 1994-1995 APOEL had its worst period as the only trophies won were the three cups in the years 1979, 1984 and 1986 . The unambiguous period “belonged” in AEL Limassol and Achilleas Kaimakli as they won most of the titles.
The second mid of 90’s was the most successful for APOEL. The team won Championships the years 1995, 1996, 1998 and 1999, 5 Cups in the years 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 and 4 Super cups the years 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1998, including one double on the season 1995-1996.
During 00’s APOEL was again among the most flourishing teams in the island as they won the Cyprus cup the seasons, 2001-2002, 2002-2003 and the champions of 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. Apoel won a rare triple crown - League, Cup and Supercup titles - in 2002 with Jo-Jo Garcia and Isaac Burton as its signature players
After winning the double in 2002, 7 years followed without any championship title. The club won its 11th cup title in 2003, but no more trophies came until 2009. With Rasheed Brokenborough and veteran guard Panagiotis Serdaris as the team's references, APOEL overcame home court disadvantages in the series against AEL Limassol and Keravnos Strovolou to win the title - earning the right to fight for a Eurocup berth. APOEL lost the chance to play the 2009-10 Eurocup despite taking a 14-point lead in the first leg of its two-way series against Teramo Basket. Its 15-point loss in Italy, including a missed a last-second shot, prevented the team from reaching the Eurocup. Apoel, however, had a solid Euro Challenge season, reaching the quarterfinals. And in Cyprus, APOEL downed AEL in the finals to win its 10th league title.. The team repeated his achievement in 2010 by winning the second consecutive Championship and reaching the quarterfinals of EuroChallenge, marking their most successful season in European competitions
The best ever American player who played with the jersey of Apoel is no other than the unforgettable Tony Harris who died at the age of 37 while playing in the Brazilian league. Tony played only two seasons with APOEL but he was definitely one of the biggest attractions of the Cyprus league those days (1995 -1996 and 1999-2000) in his first career stop in APOEL, Tony Harris won everything with APOEL, the double and the super cup and nearly all the games played with all the opponents, he was a basketball engine! In his second career stop he was not the same player, he was older and heavier and also the Cyprus basketball was not as easy for him as it used to be five years before so after only three months he left the island for his beloved Brazil. He came back in Cyprus at the season 2004-2005 but at the age of 34 to 35 he couldn’t so a lot especially in the club he joined, AEL Limassol so after less than two months, Tony left again but this time for the very last time as two and a half years afterwards was murdered in his beloved Brazil as a player of Universo/BRB Brasilia
Some of the most important players in the long history of APOEL were the following:
Charis Soleas the captain of the team and of the National Team of Cyprus, Soleas was a member of APOEL as a player for more than 16 years he joined APOEL in the season 1981-1982 and he retired as a player in the season 1996-1997. He won two championships with APOEL inj the seasons 1994-1995 and 1995-1996 and eight cups in the seasons 1983-1984, 1985-1986, 1990-1991, 1991-1992, 1992-1993, 1993-1994, 1994-1995, 1996. Charis Soleas begin his basketball career in Apollon Limassol where he played for almost three years 1975 το 1977 and then for two years and until 1979 in Olympiakos Nicosia, At 1980 he joined forces with Keravnos Strovolou where he only stayed for one season before transferring to APOEL where he ended his career.
Marios Ioannou the shooting guard with the weird but successful three pointers who played for eleven consecutive seasons in the team of APOEL from 1990 until 2001 and was among the players who helped a lot the Nicosia team to win all the titles won the particular decade
Nikos Ioannou the small forward from Limassol who played for APOEL for eight consecutive seasons and also helped a lot APOEL to grab all these titles.
Antonis Roussakis – currently the director of the Basketball Academies of Keravnos Strovolou played for more than six years in the team of APOEL in the mid 80’s until the beginning of 90’s
Dinos Fysnetzidis – A member of the APOEL Management even at these days
Andreas Pamporis
Nikos Konialis
And in the latest years the following Americans and Cypriot players left their footprint in the history of the club and the Cyprus Basketball in general:
The American Nigerian Aby Largiest who was among the first power forwards/centers came in the Cyprus league and had a unique way to dash down the rebounds in both edges, he helped APOEL to win a couple of titles.
Isaac Burton, the American shooting and point guard who played for two years in the team of APOEL the years 2001 to 2003 before joining forces with another four Cyprus teams. An excellent player but a very difficult character with full of “problems” .
Jo-Jo Garcia the natural captain of the Nicosia team (currently Keravnos player) the American who became Cypriot, played for first time in the Cyprus league back in 1997 and since then he played for APOEL five seasons being the key player for all the titles that APOEL won with the American center in its roster.
Panagiotis Serdaris the gunner who arrived at the end of 90’s from the Greek lower divisions where he was a famous shooting guard with amazing percentages from the arc and he still play basketball (this season with ENAD Agiou Dometiou) and he was a part of the most successful season in the last 15 years with APOEL as he played in the Nicosia team from 1998-2009. 
And a number of other mostly succesfull players who left their foodprint in the Cyprus Basketball and especially in the team of APOEL.

Roster of the team

Photo Name DOB Positions Height Nationality Bio
Vassilis Kounas 25 Oct, 1984 SG/S 1.95 Cypriot Bio
Christodoulos Kaskiris 22 Dec, 1979 PF/C 2.06 Cypriot Bio
Vasilios Kounas 25 Oct, 1984 Shoo 1.95 Cypriot Bio
Andreas Pilavas 01 Sep, 1983 PG/S 1.94 Cypriot Bio
Grigoris Pantouris 22 Jul, 1982 SG/S 1.90 Cypriot Bio
Viktoras Ieronymides 29 Jan, 1995 PG/S 1.95 Cypriot Bio
Alexandros Georgiadis 29 Dec, 1979 SF 1.94 Cypriot Bio
Gavriel Kilaras 09 Jan, 1990 SF/P 1.98 Cypriot Bio
Marcus Dugan 01 Nov, 1998 SG 1.93 Cypriot Bio
Damontre Harris 01 Jan, 1991 C 2.08 American Bio

Coaching Team

Photo Name DOB Positions Nationality Bio
Girogos Vovoras 18 Jan, 1978 Head Coach Greek Bio



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