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Week 11: Keravnos thrashed AEL and ENAD beat Omonoia and gain survival hopes

January 07, 2013

Keravnos had no problem against the weak team of AEL who actually played without two of its main tools since the Americans Outerbridge and Guillandeux were not in the roster while Aleksic played only for few minutes. Keravnos final deficit of +36 points leaves no space for further details of the game as it was a continuous monologue for the home-team who played for a second... Read More »

Week 10: Keravnos is bak to the top!!

January 05, 2013

After the unexpected loss of Michelin Etha last night against the team of Petrolin AEK Larnaka, and the parallel victory of Keravnos Strovolou over Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD, the Strovolos team is now at the top spot of the league and is waiving the 2012 from the top seat of the regular season. Both games (Etha Vs AEK and ENAD Vs Keravnos) ended with road wins since Nikolas... Read More »

Week 10: AEL beat Apollon and APOEL thrashed Omonoia...

December 28, 2012

Proteas AEL - Pizza Express Apollon 85-71 A great game took place in Nikos Solomonidis court just some days before the 2012 ends with the home team of AEL having in great shape its super star Milutin Aleksic thrashed the team of Coach Chougaz with 14 points difference in a game where the home team used only six players while visitors had at least nine players in the court,... Read More »

Week 9: Etha is leading the way and Keravnos is following...

December 28, 2012

Nine weeks after the beggining of the shortest league in Europe, Omonoia is dismantling since three players have been dismissed while Coach Tsangaridis is history and the veteran player Giorgos Kosntantinou took over for the rest of the league. Other than that the results were logical with Keravnos thrashing the team of Apollon Limassol and Etha keep recording winning... Read More »

Week 8: Etha is all alone in the top seat of the league!

December 17, 2012

The 8th week was disastrous for the up until last week unbeaten team of Coach Yiannaras since its counting since then a negative record of 0-4 in the last four games, the two negative results in the European courts which blocked once and for all the Strovolos team way to the next round in the Eurochallenge Cup since Keravnos ended with a record of 2-4 and the third position, as... Read More »

Week 7: Keravnos - First Blood

December 17, 2012

Keravnos lost a game of its own as in the game ended just some seconds ago showed the same characteristics with the team of the previous two seasons as in the last part of the game and upon leading the score with as many as five points (65-70, 1.47' before the end) the visiting site of Coach Yiannaras blacked out and the home team with a solid 7-0 at the end won a game with... Read More »

6th week: Keravnos is still unbeaten and is leading the race while Apollon seems rejuvenated

December 04, 2012

Pizza Express Apollon Limassol  - CytaVision APOEL 89-69 An amazing game by the players of Head Coach Chougaz against the team of Konstnatinidis and a fair victory for the Limassol team. Pizza Express Apollon Limassol was fantastic tonight in the derby against Cytavision Apoel Nicosia. The final score can prove that as the +20 (89-69) is not a common result in this series... Read More »

6th week: Great Road win for Etha Engomis over AEL Limassol

November 30, 2012

Michelin Εtha Engomis succeeded a crucial road win at Melford Arena over AEL Limassol with 72-85 and is now at the fourth positon of the league with a positive record of 4-2 while the ex queen of Cyprus Basketball, AEL Limassol added another one loss in its series and is now in the last position of the league with a negative record of 1-5 seriers. The game was... Read More »

Week 5: Keravnos succeeded a difficult road while APOEL won another derby!

November 25, 2012

Proteas DaNoi AEl Limassol - Keravnos Strovolou 62-66 The top seated Keravnos Strovolou added another victory in its resume and is still leading the competition after succeeding a dramatic win in Limassol against the last seated (together with ENAD) team of Proteas AEL Limassol in Melford Arena with 62-66. The game became unexpectedly a derby since AEL with two additions in... Read More »

Week 5: Etha beat Apollon in the opener of the 5th round 73-63

November 23, 2012

Michelin Etha Engomis with 5 players in double figures succeeded a great home win over the newcomer Greek Head Coach Chris Chougaz's Pizza Express Apollon with 73-63 and proved to the Greek Coach that needs to do a lot of changes in the team if he wants to "survive" in the Cyprus league. Apollon is remaining at the last positions of the league together with... Read More »

Week 4: The first win for Apollon and the first loss for Omonoia are facts!

November 23, 2012

Apollon - AEL 75-74 Pizza Express Apollon succeeded its very first win after three negative results after beating its "homie" team of Proteas Ael Limassol at the end with 75-74 in a dramatic game. Jefferson was the hero of the game and the man of the match since with his own offensive rebound after the missed shot from his team-mate Dorsey 1 second before the end of... Read More »

Week 3: Omonoia is unstoppable!!

November 10, 2012

Proteas DaNoi AEL Limassol - Petrolina AEK Larnakas 78-84 Petrolina AEK and Cytavision APOEL continue with victories as they beat AEL and ENAD respectively. More precisely, the team of Coach Papadopoulos, AEK Larnakas succeeded a road win over Proteas AEL in Limassol while APOEL thrashed the weakest team of the competition, Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD with 21 points... Read More »

Second Week - Part 2: Omonoia and Etha succeeded crucial wins over AEL and ENAD respectively

November 06, 2012

Last year champion Michelin Etha Engomis Nicosia won Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD Agios Dometios 80-63. The game took place on Pallouriotissa gymnasium due to construction works in Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD Agios Dometios home arena. That was the first win for Michelin Etha Engomis Nicosia in the championship. On the other hand Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD Agios Dometios is winless in these first... Read More »

Second Week: Keravnos beat Apoel and AEK beat Apollon

November 03, 2012

The second week of the first Division (mini) league has ended and in the two games of the day we had in the first game, an easy victory for Petrolina AEK Larnakas over Pizza Express Apollon Limassol in Kition, and in the second game in an old time classic derby between Keravnos Strovolou and CytaVision Apoel Nicosia a crucial home win for Keravnos in details for the Strovolos... Read More »

First Week and Omonoia allready succeeded a great road win over Apollon

October 29, 2012

The biggest surprise of this first week's results was undoubtedly the road win of Omonoia over Pizza Express Apollon with the amazing 87-101 in a game which ended some hours ago.   The team of Coach Tsaggaridis started the game with a slow tempo and the result in the first period was 16-16 for Apollon with Detrick scoring the six points for his team and Lamar being the... Read More »


Video Of the Week

Acie Law and V-Span dominated in the guard positions




An overview of AEK triumph over APOEL in the three games

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Anagennisi Germasogeias vs. ETHA Engomis
Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas vs. Keravnos Strovolou
CytaVision APOEL vs. Apollon BC
Anagennisi Germasogeias vs. Kapatsos Omonoia Nicosia
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Positions - Mens Division A

Team W/L P
1. Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas 13/2 28
2. Keravnos Strovolou 12/3 27
3. CytaVision APOEL 10/5 25
4. Apollon BC 9/6 24
5. ETHA Engomis 9/6 24
6. Enosis Neon Paralimniou 5/10 20
7. Kapatsos Omonoia Nicosia 2/13 17
8. Anagennisi Germasogeias 0/15 15
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