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Eurochallenge: A great road win for ETHA and a home loss for Keravnos

December 07, 2011

Keravnos Strovolou - Pau Lacq Orthez 67-70  Things are changing in the groups of the two Cyprus clubs as the favorite team of Keravnos will now need to win the game against the Hungarians as with the current record of 2-3 the Strovolos players can only wish that the French will play the same against the Germans and that their club will repeat the game took place in... Read More »

Week 8: Keravnos, Apollon and ENAD succeeded a crucial road wins

December 07, 2011

Intercollege Etha Engomis - Keravnos Strovolou 58-72 Keravnos Strovolou after a great fourth quarter succeeded a vital road win over last season’s champion team of Intercollege Etha Engomis with the 14 points difference and the score being 58-72. The game started with different mode as the home team dominated in the first period and Keravnos Players being in a losing... Read More »

Week 7: Keravnos thrashed APOEL in the so called derby!

November 29, 2011

Keravnos Strovolou - CytaVision APOEL 81-56 Τhe supposed to be «derby» between Keravnos Strovolou and APOEL never happened. What used to be an old classic derby was a total monologue for one team and that team wasn't APOEL. The final 81-56 could have been even worse for APOEL, if the home team had in its roster its main center Vesselovs and also if in the 3rd... Read More »

Eurochallenge: Cyprus Teams – A road win and a home loss for Keravnos and Etha

November 24, 2011

Ethas' second consecutive home loss is leaving no room for qualification in the next round for the Cyprus team and at the same time creates some serious doubtless in the team of Coach Konstantinidis as other than these 2 European losses the team lost also against APOEL a couple of days ago and is more than obvious that the team is not the same as last season mainly due to... Read More »

A' Division: Round 6 - First blood for Etha and wins for Apollon and Omonoia

November 20, 2011

In the games of the sixth week of the Cyprus league we had an amazing road win for the team of Apollonas over the heroic team of AEL and the first loss of the last years champion’s team of Intercollege Etha in the home court of APOEL and the second win of Omonoia against AEK in Nicosia with 78-75. The games with more analysis were as follows: CytaVision Apoel -... Read More »

Eurochallenge: A great road win for Keravnos and a home loss for Etha

November 18, 2011

Pau Lacq Orthez - Keravnos Strovolou 83-85 Keravnos shock the French power house Pau Lacq Orthez in France to keep them winless in EuroChallenge with a record of 0-2. The Strovolos meanwhile celebrated their first victory after 85-83 thriller and balance in a way their home loss against the “German Dragons”. Both teams lost their openers of the tournament and... Read More »

Week 5 - A shamefull night for AEL

November 14, 2011

During the 5th round in the Mini Cyprus league we had some normal results with AEL playing with the youth team as announced while Petrolina AEK added its very first victory against the winless team of Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD. The games in more analysis were as follows: Pizza Express Apollon – Papa John’s Pizza Omonoia 98-89 In a run and gun game between two teams... Read More »

Eurochallenge: European Debut for Keravnos with a home loss

November 09, 2011

Εurochallenge – 1st day: Keravnos Strovolou – Artland Dragons 81-93 The premier game of its European tour, Keravnos Strovolou was not too bad but finally lost the game against the German team (with the seven Americans) of Anthony King and his mates. A catastrophic period between the 16th minute and the 27th minute where the Germans outscore the Cyprus team... Read More »

A' Division: 4th Week - The day of visitors!

November 07, 2011

Papa Johns Pizza Οmonoia Nicosia- Keravnos Strovolou 62-77 Κeravnos Strovolou faces no difficulties at all against the team of Michalis Tsaggaridis and took the lead from the beginning until the end. Omonoia is a new team which was created only one month ago and needs a lot of time to get mature and start playing some decent basketball, with tactics and strategy... Read More »

A' Division: 3rd Week - Victories for APOEL, Apollon and Etha Engomis

November 03, 2011

Cytavision APOEL, Pizza Express Apollon and InterCollege Etha Engomis won last night in day 3 of Cyprus league their home team games. Cytavision Apoel bounced back from its surprising loss against Omonoia with a great victory, no matter if AEL travelled in Nicosia without some of its key players. Jerome Beasley led all scorers with 33 points and 16 rebounds in his top... Read More »

The champions needed the overtime to beat ENAD

October 30, 2011

An old time classic derby reminded to the few basketball fans watched the game between Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD over Inetercollege Etha. The two neighbor teams prove to be different in many a ways this season as both of them are very strong and both of them will after something more than last year, especially the team of Coach Argirou which proved to be a very tough nut this... Read More »

A’ Division: Round 2 – First part

October 29, 2011

Omonoia – APOEL 73-67 The Cyprus mini league of the first division continued with the derby between the two teams from Nicosia, Omonia and APOEL.  In a very good game the team of Coach Tsaggaridis beat the one of Coach Stylianidis in the details as the two teams are more or less of the same power. The typically home team of Omonia started the game with an element... Read More »

Premiere Game in 1st Division - Part 2

October 25, 2011

In the remaining game of the premiere week for the first division, Christos Stylianidis’s APOEL beat at the very end the fighting team of Coach Argirou, ENAD with 83-76 in a game which was a derby and 3 minutes before the end had a balance score. At the beginning ENAD players went into the court with good tactics and very good peripheral brought the game into a... Read More »

A' Division: 1st Week - Victories for Etha and Keravnos

October 23, 2011

Today the 22nd of October was the official premier of the new Cyprus league, the first ever with only 8 teams. The mini competition of the 14 games for the regular season already begun and two of the main competitors this season for the championship, Intercollege Etha Engomis and Keravnos Strovolou showed their character from the very beginning as both teams beat their home... Read More »

Justin Robinson in Pizza Express Apollon

October 22, 2011

Another player from Maroussi is landing in Cyprus as the American with Englsih passport forward Justin Robinson is officially (tha lst 5 days) player of Pizza Express Apollon Limassol. Robinson was training with the team of Maroussi the last 45 days but due to the financial problems of the Athenian team the American player couldn't wait and decided to join forces with the team... Read More »


Video Of the Week

Acie Law and V-Span dominated in the guard positions




An overview of AEK triumph over APOEL in the three games

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Team Result
Anagennisi Germasogeias vs. ETHA Engomis
Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas vs. Keravnos Strovolou
CytaVision APOEL vs. Apollon BC
Anagennisi Germasogeias vs. Kapatsos Omonoia Nicosia
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Positions - Mens Division A

Team W/L P
1. Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas 13/2 28
2. Keravnos Strovolou 12/3 27
3. CytaVision APOEL 10/5 25
4. Apollon BC 9/6 24
5. ETHA Engomis 9/6 24
6. Enosis Neon Paralimniou 5/10 20
7. Kapatsos Omonoia Nicosia 2/13 17
8. Anagennisi Germasogeias 0/15 15
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