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Keravnos is the Cup winner for 9th time after beating ENAD in a thrilling game!

February 27, 2012

The First Trophy for the season 2011-2012 found its owner,  as the team of Keravnos Strovolou as the top favorite team it was, finally and after a tough and a difficult game won the Cup with 62-67! The game was a derby in the first period with the team of Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD Agios Dometios being more passionate and with Aleksandar Damjanovic (206-C/F-73) scoring his... Read More »

Week 18: Top seated Keravnos lost by Gagaloudis for its first negative result this season!!

February 20, 2012

Yannis Gagaloudis's 30 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists and 11 winning fouls was the one and only reason for Head Coach Yiannaras unbeaten record come to an end in the last day of the regular reason. Yannis Gagaloudis who arrived in Cyprus 48 hours before the game of his team Apollon Limassol left his footprint with the 'good morning' to the Cyprus League. In his opener... Read More »

Cyprus (Mini) Cup Semi Final Games: ENAD and Keravnos will play in the finals

February 17, 2012

A historic victory was succeede a couple of nights ago as the team of Coach Argyrou, ENAD kicked out the last years cup holders Etha Engomis after beating them 73-70 in a solid and fair game. The newcomers for ENAD, Greek forward Dimitris Makris (202-F-83) and the American Lazer were the key to this triumph together with the veteran Aleksandar Damjanovic (206-C/F-73), and... Read More »

Apollon Limassol adds Gagaloudis for the play offs!

February 17, 2012

A great transfer took place yesterday afternoon as the Greek point guard Yiannis Gagaloudis (who was in talks also with AEK Larnakas) agreed financial terms with the team of Head Coach Igor Miglinieks and he is officially Apollon Limassol's player. Yiannis Gagaloudis was a member of the team of Maroussi the last 18 months and together with Nestoras Kommatos have developed... Read More »

Week 17: ETHA and Omonoia beat their games and locked their seats!

February 11, 2012

Intercollege Etha Engomis - Pizza Express Apollon 82-67 Intercollege Etha Engomis after the triumph succeeded last week for the Cyprus Dejan Cup (202-PF-83), against Apollon and after 5 days from the first victory added another one over the same opponent with the same ease as the first game. The game was a derby only for the first ten minutes as after that the home team with... Read More »

Cyprus (Mini) Cup Games: Keravnos, ENAD and ETHA in the semi finals

February 11, 2012

ENAD with the newcomer American point Guard in its roster, Tyler Laser (185-PG-88), (was the the man of the match) beat Omonoia with 95-90 and will be present in the semi-finals. At the same time the top seated and without loss, team of Coach Yiannaras, Keravnos Strovolou had no troubles against the team of AEL Limassol at Melford Arena and with 75-89 proceeded also in the... Read More »

Cyprus (Mini) Cup Games: APOEL in the semi finals

February 04, 2012

After only one victory, the team of CytaVision APOEL is all the way to the Semi Finals in the mini Cup (probably the smallest Cup in the Globe!) Petrolina AEK Larnakas - CytaVision APOEL 66-71 In a dramatic game Cytavision Apoel Nicosia won Petrolina AEK Larnaca in a single cup game and now they wait for opponent in the semi finals. The game was closed and neither... Read More »

Week 16: ENAD beat AEL and is officially in the 6th place

February 04, 2012

Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD - Proteas DaNoi AEL 90-81 The team of Coach Argyrou succeeded its fourth victory this season and officially is at the 6th position of the regular season of this mini league of 2011-2012. AEL traveled in Nicosia only with two Profesional players as Pavel Englisky remain at Limassol while Liatsos remain at the bench, so only Palalas played from the... Read More »

Week 16: Keravnos & Apollon safeguard the 1-2 positions of the regular season

January 29, 2012

Keravnos kept his perfect record for another week and after the decisive victory over Intercolege Etha Engomis and whatever it will be the result in the last game against Pizza Express Apollon nothing changes as the Cyprus Head Coach Panagiotis Yiannaras drove his team in the top seat of the regular season. The Cyprus rookie Head Coach succeeded to achieve something that many... Read More »

Round 15: Keravnos kept his perfect record after beating Apoel in a great road win

January 25, 2012

Pappa Johns Pizza Omonoia – Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD 89-77 Without facing some real issues the team of Coach Adamou after five straight loses came back to the positive results after beating the team of Coach Argirou, ENAD or to be precise after beating DeWayne Reed who was the only real thread for the greens. In the first period we had a derby as both teams enter the court... Read More »

Week 13: Great Derby and amazing comeback from Etha!

January 16, 2012

For the 14th Round of the Cyprus Mini league we had the following results with their analysis: Intercollege Etha Engomis - CytaVision Apoel 77 -73 An amazing win for Coach Konstantinides troops over APOEL in the last minutes was the major outcome of the 14th round of the Cyprus Mini league if the first division. The team of Coach Gavriel who had many changes in its roster as... Read More »

Round 12: The Vendetta continues...........

January 12, 2012

The vendeta between the two teams (sponsored by Pizza’s) Omonoia and Apollon continued and this time worst than ever. After the “lower” in terms of results insidents we had in Limassol for the first round between the two teams and their fans this time the spirit of the Omonoia fans was appeared in the worst possible way as with the Police force in Lefkotheon... Read More »

Week 12: Keravnos keeps his unbeaten record.

January 06, 2012

In the round 12 of the Cyprus Mini league the home teams succeeded great victories while another shameful night took place for the so called “queen of the Cyprus Basketball” as Intercollege Etha Engomis thrashed the cadet team of Proteas DaNoi AEL with 80 points difference. The games in more analysis were as follows: Keravnos Strovolou – Papa Johns Pizza... Read More »

Week 11: Part 2 - Second Blood for Apollon from AEK

January 04, 2012

The ex team of Head Coach Miglinieks was not so "friendly" with the Latvian Head Coach as Pizza Express Apollon suffered from its second loss (after the one against Kearvnos in Strovolos) with 80-78. Coach Papadopoulos team was much better than its opponent as the key players of the Limassol team were in a bad day. On the other hand, the american forward Fisher... Read More »

Week 11: Keravnos and APOEL succeeded new road wins

December 27, 2011

Keravnos and APOEL proceeded in the 11th round with new road wins over much weaker opponents, in the openers of the 11th week of the Cyprus Mini league of the first Division Keravnos Srovolou beat Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD in Agios Dhometios while CytaVision APOEL beat Proteas Danoi AEL in Melford Arena in a game which AEL played with the under 21 team with Georgios Palalas as... Read More »


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Acie Law and V-Span dominated in the guard positions



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Team Result
Anagennisi Germasogeias vs. ETHA Engomis
Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas vs. Keravnos Strovolou
CytaVision APOEL vs. Apollon BC
Anagennisi Germasogeias vs. Kapatsos Omonoia Nicosia
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Positions - Mens Division A

Team W/L P
1. Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas 13/2 28
2. Keravnos Strovolou 12/3 27
3. CytaVision APOEL 10/5 25
4. Apollon BC 9/6 24
5. ETHA Engomis 9/6 24
6. Enosis Neon Paralimniou 5/10 20
7. Kapatsos Omonoia Nicosia 2/13 17
8. Anagennisi Germasogeias 0/15 15
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