June 12, 2016

An overview of AEK triumph over APOEL in the three games

An overview of AEK triumph over APOEL in the three games

AEK got its revenge after losing the Cyprus Cup earlier this period by APOEL with 87-90 and in a three single games beat in total APOEL wining the title for a second concecutive time....


AEK Larnakas was the great winner in the first game of the finals against APOEL after beating the Nicosia team with 82-76 in a derby-game. This was the toughest victory for AEK this season against APOEL, something that shows simply that Coach Vovoras is doing a great job in the club.

Thaddus McFadden was for another one game the top performer and the MVP of the game with his 24 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 block shots!! He did everything against APOEL and he was simply the best!! On behalf of APOEL, the top performer was Heath with his 16 points with bad stats though, (5/17) and 6 rebounds with 5 assists and 3 turnovers.

In regards to the game now, AEK was much more offensive at the early start but APOEL was finding solutions mostly from Heath and Pantouris from the parameter and they remain close to the score in a period with no defenses at both edges ending with 27-24 for AEK with Brezec ending the period with 8 points and very good and solid job against the Nigerian American Eziukwu who was not very good and Coach Vovoras changed him before the 5th minute as he already committed 2 personal fouls and 2 turnovers...

The second period was more balanced for the two teams as AEK cut paste and APOEL with Heath and Dubois in the leading roles was able to cut the deficit to 44-42 at the end of the period as Panteli committed his second turnover in the game. Eziukwu's first 4 points helped APOEL to get some points from the paint too.

In the third period though, AEK took over and with Petrovic in the leading role not only reacted but took also the greatest deficit with +12 72-60. APOEL was not able to find solutions and only Pantouris was there for the team trying to defend his team at both edges, while Biggs was not in a good shape and Heath was in a hurry. Never the less the third period and the beginning of the fourth period showed that AEK couldn't lose the game and even though at the end, AEK's players got relaxed a bit and the +12 became +6, the clock was ticking and APOEL had no time to reverse the game and the momentum with the 1-0 becoming a fact.

Top scorers:

AEK: Thaddus McFadden 24 points, Brezec 16 points and 4 rebounds, Petrovic 13 points and 4 rebounds, Bowman 11 points and 7 rebounds with 4 turnovers. Duren 9 points and 6 assists

APOEL: Heath 16, Biggs 14, Pantouris 12 and 6 rebounds, Dubois 12 and 3 rebounds, Sizopoulos 10 and 5 assists.. Eziukwu 6 and 4 rebounds..


AEK Larnakas succeeded a solid road win after beating APOEL in Nicosia with 66-76 and is now leading this finals with 2-0 being a step closer to succeed the back to back.. The game was victorious for the team with the better psychology, more experience and greater passion for the trophy.

The game begun with the home team having an awesome Grigoris Pantouris who was the answer to every offensive answer by the visiting side of Coach Gavriel as with his accurate parameter offense was able not only to balance the game but to give leads nearly in al the first period, ending in these first minutes with 9 points followed by the 5 points by Biggs. On the other hand, AEK had Prezec and Bowman with 5 points per head with the American stop scoring from the first one and a half minutes of the game when he scored all the five points of his the for the initial 0-5. The score was 19-17 in a total derby.

The second period though everything changed as Coach Vovoras troops were magnificent and dominated in both edges with Heath in a role on fire scoring 12 points and the parameter of APOEL being nearly perfect, the hoem team took a lead of as many as 24 points to finally end the period with a double score and a 44-22 with the team of AEK being able to score just 5 points for the amazing 25-5 of the second period..

The amazing second period of APOEL was interrupted in total as AEK did exactly the same thing on the third period, and as the home team fans thought that the game was over and that the 1-1 was a fact, all of a sudden APOEL lost track with the score while AEK with a leading figure being Bowman with his 7 points (total of 12) followed by the 10 points of McFadden and the 8 points by Petrovic, not only came back from the -22 of the second period but the took the lead with the 10th point by McFadden (three pointer) at the end of the third period with 49051 with the momentum changing hands and teams in not time as the specific period ended up with 5-29 with a an amazing comeback by the visiting side of Coach Gavriel

The fourth period was the one where the "strongest" survive, as AEK had much more options in both the offense and defense, stole many balls, got the advantage of the childish mistakes of APOEL players and finally with very tactical game which was driving most of the times to a foul over Eziukwu (who was missing the shots from the charity line) and the characteristic oleading charisma and accuracy by the captain of the team Iakovos Iakovos Panteli (187-G-85) in the most crucial point of the game (the Cyprus international player stole twice the ball with the score being in total balance, Iakovos Panteli gave a +5 to his team with 2.09 to the end of the game driving also his team-mates to believe in the road win, as he was the one to give the "winning signal" to the final result.Heath tried his best but Iakovos Panteli was on fire and like last year he drove his team to a crucial victory which is basically half the title...

The final score was 66-76 and AEK celebrated the second victory in this final series.

MVP of the game is no other than the captain of the visiting side, Iakovos Iakovos Panteli not only due to his 14 points but also because of his leadership style and the smartness to steal the ball in two phases to change entirely the momentum of the game.

Top scorers:

APOEL: Heath 24 points, 4 rebounds 2 assists and 4 turnovers, Pantouris 11 and 4 assists, and Biggs 10 and 5 rebounds

AEK: Bowman 18, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, McFadden 14, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Iakovos Panteli 14 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals!!, Brezec 11 points


AEK is the champion for a second consecutive time after sweeping APOEL with a new victory (81-74) to lead and actually end the series with 3-0. Top scorer and MVP of this third final was the American Tyreek Duren (183-PG-91, college: La Salle, agency: Aspire Sports) who ended the game with 19 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 9 fouls for, from a closed distance the Slovenian center Primoz Brezec with 18 points 7 rebounds,4 assists, 2 steals and one block shot. While the American point guards McFadden with 17 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal. From the side of the visitors of Coach Vovoras, top scorer was Keith Ramsey with 19 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 block shots, followed by the Cyprus international Andreas Sizopoulos with 15 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals, while the American guard Brandon Heath scored 16 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, but committed 5 turnovers.

The game was a derby for three periods while after the 31st minute APOEL took the lead and kept it for some minutes before Petrovic and McFadden helped their team to overcome the deficit and basically with personal points (5 points by McFadden 3 by Petrovic and 2 by Brezec) took the lead and the victory as APOEL players and especially the top performers of the team Heath and Sizopoulos committed crucial turnovers and missed important baskets at the end to simply lose another game.

AEK Larnakas fairly won the champion for another season as it was the best team with the strongest roster of all. Coach Linos Gavriel suffered only one defeat (By Keravnos) while he succeeded 23 victories, he ended with a record of 23-1!!

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