April 05, 2016

Week 17: Keravnos beats APOEL and sealed the second spot

Week 17: Keravnos beats APOEL and sealed the second spot

The American point guard Ronald Ross introduce himself in the Cyprus courts after ten days by offering the victory in the derby between Keravnos and APOEL with his awesome game in both edges being not only the MVP of the game but also being the total key player of the game (71-65) especially in the most crucial part of the game (fourth period) when the home team dominated and won the game to bring Keravnos over APOEL at the score board with a plus four from their Nicosia rivals minimising the chances of losing the second position in the league.

On the other game AEK succeeded an easy win over Apollon who lost its freshnes (like most of the seasons) and is now for sure at the fourth position of the league not having a chance for something better. for Apollon, Appleby for another game was at the bench.

In regards to the the first game now, Keravnos was better at the first period, with O' Brien being awesome scoring 11 points, with Ross following with 8 points, while APOEL without its natural leader and captain Vassilis Kounas who is losing the rest of the season due to a seriosu injury, were following the score mainly due to the great game by Biggs. The score was 25-21.

In the second period, the game was more balanced with APOEL reacting correctly and event though Keravnos was dominating the gaem in the first part of the second period with deficits reaching the 10-11 points, APOEL with Heath brought the deficit to 33-31 6 minutes to the end while three minutes later with Ramsey took the lead for the first tiem in the game with 35-36, 3.33' to the end of the first half. Keravnos reacted and with Ross and Walker succeedd a solid 9-2 to reach the score to 44-38, 17 seconds to the end. A foul by Theocharidis over Sizopoulos a second before the end gave the cahnce to the Cyprus international with three succesfull free throws to cut the deficit even more and the hlaf time became 44-41 at the end of the first half.

The third period was the best for the visiting side, with the momentum being totally in favor of APOEL, and with Biggs in the leading role, the visitors took the lead with 44-45 with Keravnos in another "silent" period (The Strovolos team remain pointless for 5 minutes!!), Keravnos scored hos first points 5.11' to the end with Stylianou's lay-up. Biggs and Pantouris took over for APOEL and with succesfull peripheral shots, ended the third periof with a 51-54 for their team.

The fourth period was Ross's show time. The newcomer American experienced guard decided to take over the situation personally at his hnads and even though Ramsey gave the greatest defciit to his team (51-57) 8,17'' to the end of the game and a bit later 3.16'' to the end the score was 59-61 with Eliukwu scoring his 5th point, Ross took over and with 10 personal points and a good companionship by Stylianou and Walker gave an end to the derby once and for all!!

Top scorers:

Keravnos: Ross 20 points, 9 rebounds,3 assists, 4 steal in 38 minutes in the court, Barker and O' Brien scored 13 points per head, with Barker dashing down 9 rebounds and 5 assists, and Walker at his best game with Keravnos jersey scoring 12 points and 6 rebounds and very "smart" game..

APOEL: Heath 17, Biggs 15, Pantouris 10   

Video Of the Week

Acie Law and V-Span dominated in the guard positions



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1. Petrolina A.E.K. Larnakas 13/2 28
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4. Apollon BC 9/6 24
5. ETHA Engomis 9/6 24
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