February 11, 2016

Week 13: AEK and Keravnos keep going...

Week 13: AEK and Keravnos keep going...

AEK Larnakas after the European triumph a couple of days ago and even though the players of Linos Gavriel were too tired after the long trip from Belarus, succeeded another victory, this time against Coach Skarafingas ETHA after a great fourth period where everything turnaround as ETHA was controlling the game and was ready to add a great road win, something which never happened as in the last period as mentioned before, the duet Thaddus McFadden (188-G-87, college: Fairmont St., agency: Higher Vision Sports) and Bowman with awesome game took the responsibility to lead their team to another success at the very end and with the score being 82-82 47 seconds to the end, the two Americans (with Petrovic too) scored a solid 5-0 as Pack not only did a turnover at the end he also missed the three pointer and the chance for something better other than the defeat of 5 points at the end...

The game was a derby from the start and the two teams scoring from allover at the beginning as from the one hand the American Bowman was unstoppable (scored 12 points at this first period) and on the other Pearson was also very good (the American stopped in the 8 points). The period found AEK to have a minimum deficit of a basket 22-20.

The second period was exactly the same with the two teams continue playing in the same tempo and with AEK having some more options in the bench found some scoring from Palalas, Panteli and Thaddus McFadden while ETHA continue to score with Cumberbatch and Henry. The score went to +4 for AEK in the half time but the derby was obviously warming up..The score was 42-38.

The third period was the best for ETHA and with Golden and Henry on the leading roles took the lead and with an awesome 17-25 finish the period with 59-63 giving a taste of what would have happened until the very end.

In the last period, ETHA took over and control the game after Pack's personal points reshape the score to 59-67 giving a momentum to the visiting side and then with Golden the +8 remain to 61-69, 8.21'' to the end.. The next minute the two teams remain pointless before Thaddus McFadden with 5 personal points shaped the score to 66-69. ETHA was too tough to quit and with Pearson increase the deficit once more to 66-71. That was it, six minutes to the end Thaddus McFadden and Petrovic took it personally and with an awesome 10-2, made the score 76-73 before a new three pointer by Henry and a goal-foul by Cumberbatch once more brought ETHA to the leading position, 76-79 with just 1.55' to the end. ETHA at that particular time missed a great chance to win the game as with the momentum being on their side, Petrovic stole the ball from Golden and Palalas with a layup cut the deficit to just one (78-79) while Pack's foul gave the chance to Thaddus McFadden to balance the game as he missed the second free throw.. Golden was obviously very tired and his 6th turnover was actually the tombstone for ETHA, as AEK's players with more strength and bigger roster finally won the game at the end with 87-82

Top scorers:

AEK: Thaddus McFadden 28 points, Bowman 21 points and 8 rebounds, Brezec 11 points and 5 rebounds

ETHA: Henry 23 points and 14 rebounds, Golden 19 and 6 assists, PEarson 16 and 9 rebounds, Cumberbatch 15 and 9 rebounds


Apollon Limasol – Keravnos 55-57

Keravnos Strovolou pay with the same way Apollon Limassol as in the game which just ended, Coach Livadiotis troops succeeded a road win with the "childish" 55-57 and balance their in between games as Apollon was the winner against Keravnos in Strovolos 50 days ago.
The top performer and MVP of the game was the American forward 
Evan Smotrycz (206-F-91, college: Maryland) who scored 13 points (with the winning three pointer 22 seconds to the end), 9 rebounds, 1 steal and 5 turnovers..
The game was a derby from the very first minute from two more or less equal teams. The home team of Coach Papadopoulos was better initially with the American starting five roster and with an Appleby from another planet (9 points in the first period) out score the visiting side with 18-12, 1.10'' before the end of the period. Somewhere there though, Stylianou's first three pointer and block shot gave the chance to Tomic to cut the deficit to its minimum at the end of the period with 18-17.

The second period was the worst of all as the two teams were not able to score at all, a game full of nerves, turnovers and mistakes..eight turnovers in total for the two teams and many missing shots (mainly from Apollon as Keravnos was more into turnovers at the particular period) the score for this period was 8-9 and a total of 17 points for both the teams with the half time finding the two gladiators in an absolute balance to 26 points.Only McRay scored more than a basket in this period as he scored 4 points in total all the other points came from different players...

The third period was a bit better with the players of both the teams playing more focused and with McRay being the man of the period with his total 13 points (in period he scored 7 points) while on the other hand, Keravnos had Massamba with six point as the leading figure at the specific period. The score for this period was 17-15 and the home team getting a small lead with a basket at the end of the third period in a totally balanced but quite bad game. The score in this third period was 43-41

Nothing changed in the fourth period in regards to the quality of the game as it remained low at both edges. With Evan Smotrycz in a better mood, Keravnos balanced the game quite early (9.10' to the end to 45-45) with the two teams remain pointless for a minute before McRay and O'Brien exchange a pair of points and then and on for another three minutes the two teams remain pointless in one of the worst games this season.. The next basket was scored six minutes to the end by O' Brien again for the 46-49 before Braswell, Pittakas and Aplleby (who remain silent for more than 23 minutes) scored six unanswered points to reshape the score to 52-49 with 4.11'' to go, Massamba was there for Keravnos and with a ljump shot cut the deficit to its minimum (52-51). The two teams remain for another two minutes pointless with a small exception the one of two free throws from Pittakas (53-51). 1.35; to the end the game was obviously pro Apollon as Pettway dunk for the +4 for his team 55-51but Keravnos reacted correctly and with the 4th assist by Massamba, Barker (who was also silent for many minutes) scored a crucial three pointer for the 55-54, 1.15'' to the end. Aplleby's 3rd turnover was fatal for his team as Evan Smotrycz scored the winning three pointer 22 seconds before the end with McRay's sixth turnover being the cherry on the pie for the negative result for Apollon.

Top scorers:

Apollon: Appleby 13, McRay 16, Pittakas 11

Keravnos: Evan Smotrycz 13, Barker 12 and Massamba 10


E.N. Paralimni – Omonia Nicosia 71-68

The 13th week found Paralimni doubling its victories over Omonia in a derby which took place some minutes ago and with Coach Papadopoulos having in a great day his two Americans (McLain and Anderson who scored the 46 points of the 71 of his team).

The game was a derby from the very first minute with the visiting side of Coach Papadopoulos (of Omonia Nicosia) being more aggressive at the initial parts of the game and with the American trio of the team (Manigat, Watson and Nwaukoni) scoring 19 points at this first part for an 18-25 lead for Omonia at this first period. Paralimni had only Anderson scoring 8 points while the rest 10 points of the team were shared nearly equally to five players.

The second period was better for the home team who found scoring from McLain but with Omonia being better at the last part and with Jamar in the leading role finally keeping the deficit to the six points (36-42) with the then of the first half.

The third period was obviously the period where the visiting side started to have some problems (mainly to lack of bench players) as the five foreigners begun to get tired and PAralimni with obviously more choices in the roster, and with Anderson to be the leading figure outscore Omonia with 22-11 and the third period ended with 58-53 since Manigat succeeded to score a three pointer at the end of the period and cut the deficit to a derby look alike difference.

The fourth and final period was awesome as even though Huskisson with 4 personal points increase the deficit to the 8 points (61-53) 7.31’ to the end, the fighting players of Nikolas Papadopoulos never quit and with Robinson and Nwaukoni scoring 7 points (Anderson scored a three pointer in between) cut the deficit initially to 4 points (64-60) and then to a single basket with Manigat succeeding in both the free throws, 4.49’ to the end. Watson and Jamar gave the lead to Omonia in the next two minutes with Paralimni remaining pointless, (66-67, 1.04’ to the end) changing the winning mode for a moment towards them. McLain though had a different opinion and with 4 personal points increase the deficit once more to 70-67, 11 seconds to the end. Manigat missed the three pointer and Paralimni took the victory at the end with McLain adding his 23rd point in the game at his best performance with Paralimni jersey this season and with his season’s high too.

Top scorers:

Paralimni: McLain 23 points, 12 rebounds and 3 assists, Anderson 23 points 6 rebounds and 5 assists

Omonia: Manigat 17, Nwaukoni 17 points and 16 rebounds, Jamar 15, Watson 11


APOEL – Anagennisi Germasogias 84-64

APOEL succeeded an easy victory over the doomed Anagennisi with Coach Vovoras using many youngsters and local players for this game. Top scorer was for another game Biggs with 20 points while some serious time in the court were given to Mythillos, Loizidis, Seisou, and Georgiadis in the last game of the American center Larry Turner who is replaced later in the night by the Croatian seven footer Franko Kastropil

Top scorers:

APOEL: Biggs 20, Turner 16 and 7 rebounds, Dubois 10 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists

Anagennisi: Englicky 18, Toumbazos 15, Dumars 13, Antoniou 10

Video Of the Week

Acie Law and V-Span dominated in the guard positions



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