February 01, 2016

Week 12: Tough victories for the favorites

Week 12: Tough victories for the favorites

The 12th week was actually one of the best in terms of derbies as we had ETHA beating Apollon after two overtimes, while APOEL beat very difficult the fighting team of Omonia and the other two games were naturally won by AEK Larnakas and Keravnos Strovolou who are still at the top spot of the board with a record of a 10-2 in these first 12 weeks of the Cyprus league.

ETHA Engomis – Apollon 91-85

The four Americans of ETHA against the four Americans of Apollon were at the end a bit better (even if they played the last crucial minutes without the injured Golden) and after 50 minutes they won the game in their home court forcing the Limassol team to the 4th place with an 8-4 record same as the Engomis team which is currently at the 5th place with the same record.

With both the teams trying to lead the way from the early start of it and without any defenses the first period ended with a +6 for the home team as Golden was unstoppable ending the period with 13 points! On the other side the veteran Pettway had 8 points with quite good stats too.

Appleby’s second period helped Apollon to cut the deficit seriously but Golden was continuing after the first half of the period to give some scoring to his team and to actually keep the distance on a safe path for ETHA, the end of the first half found the home team having a +7 (45-37) with Golden having 19 points, and Appleby.

The first five minutes were awesome for Apollon in the 3rd period, and with Braswell, Pettway and Mason cut the deficit at its minimum to 47-46 with a solid 2-9. After that though, Henry and Cumberbatch mainly brought the difference to its previous shape and with Anastasiadis three pointer the deficit went up to 11, (61-50). The score at this 3rd period was 65-56 with ETHA losing the chance to increase the deficit even more and give an early end to the game..

The fourth period was the best for the visitors as with Brasswell initially and Pittakas three pointers after a while, the visitors not only balance the game but took a lead with 70-73, 2.16’’ to the end. Apollon at these last minutes lost the chance to get the victory as three consecutive turnovers (Mason, Pittakas and Pettway) caused them the victory while Pack balances the game at the end to 73-73.

The first overtime was balanced with both teams being quite tired and with Apollon always having a small lead, mainly from the parameter with Mason and lost another great chance to win the game as 17 seconds to the end and while Apollon was leading the game with 79-81, Cumberbatch missed the layup and Pack dashed down the most crucial offensive rebound to tip in and balance the game for his team in a zero time remaining.

Apollon players were tired while ETHA was more enthusiasts to grab the victory and the second overtime period was obviously belonging to the home team as the Americans of the visitors playing a bit more than their opponents begun missing their shotd and even though Pettway’s best performance trying to assist them, ETHA had more options  and with Pearson, Pack and Anastasiadis they finally celebrated a great victory.

Top scorer and MVP of the game was Golden (even if he injured at the very end) as he ended up with 21 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists.

The periods were: 25-19, 45-37, 65-56, 73-73, 81-81 and 91-85.

Top scorers:

ETHA: Golden 21 points in less than 37 minutes, Pack 16 in 48 minutes, Henry 16 and 8 rebounds in 46 minutes, Cumberbatch 21 points and 8 rebounds and 43 minutes.

Apollon: Appleby 18 in 45 minutes, McRay 17 points, 13 rebounds, 9 assists and 7 turnovers in 47.19’’, Pettway 18 points and 16 rebounds in 49.54’’!!, Braswell 13 points and 11 rebounds in 29 minutes and 11 points in 42 minutes!

Omonia- APOEL 68-78

Another great derby between the two teams, which reminded us the old time classic derbies between the two teams at the end of 90’s with Coach Papadopoulos team being more aggressive at the first part and with a Manigat from another planet took a lead at the end of the first period with 17-15 with the American player scoring the 12 points for his team.

The second period continued with the same tempo for Coach Papadopoulos’s team and with Manigat’s 17 points, the young Coach saw his team to go at the half time to a +4, 32-28 mainly due to Heath’s three pointers who were cutting the deficit at the crucial points.

The third period was Biggs show time as the American forward was the reason why APOEL cut the deficit seriously and with Pantouris three pointers the score went to +5 for the visitors (42-47 in 4.54’’ to the end of the period). At that point and on the Nigerian/American power forward Nwaukoni took it personally and with 5 personal points gave the lead to the home team once more. The final score for this third period was 54-53 with Biggs scoring 16 and Nwakoni scoring 11.

The fourth and final period was the time for the visiting side to show who was the boss in the game as the APOEL’s team with more players in an active role and against the already tired few players of Coach Papadopoulos, dominated in both edges and at the last and most crucial three minutes with Ramsey, Biggs, Dubois and Sizopoulos sealed the victory against the fighting troops of Coach Papadopoulos.

Top scorers:

Omonia: Manigat 21 points in 37 minutes, Watson 12 in 36.26’’, Jamar 12 in 39.37’’, Robinson 10 and 11 rebounds in all 40 minutes, Nwakoni 11 points and 14 rebounds in 35 minutes

APOEL:  Biggs 23, Heath 14 and 8 assists, Ramsey 12 and 9 rebounds.

Anagennis Germasogias – AEK Larnakas 55-91

Not many words can describe a game with 40 points difference. Anagennisi with just one American player and one Bosman is fighting against the teams which have 10 times bigger budget. Linos Gavriel’s players are targeting the next weeks most crucial game in Europe and that was the major reason why most of the key players either they didn’t play or they play some minutes with the exception of Parrish Brown who played 35.19’’.

Very good game by the 41 years old JoJo Garcia who ended the game with 17 points and 8 rebounds, followed by Brown’s 17 points, McFadden’s 15 points and Bowman’s 15 points and 5 rebounds.

On behalf of Anagennisi Germasogias, Pavel Englicky scored 13 points being the only player with double digits while the young Serbian/Cypriot point Guard Petar Zdravic (Apollon’s player on a lend) is showing some very good characteristics even though is at his 17th year of age, he ended the game with 8 points.

Keravnos Strovolou – E.N. Paralimni 63-53

In a game where the home team was controlling in total from the early start and Coach Leivadiotis had the chance to check some of his players, Keravnos Strovolou added another victory without playing any extra ordinary game with Stylianou being the top scorer with 19 points, followed by Smotrycz 14 and Barker’s 13. From PAralimni which tried to fight the game but had less players than the home team, top performer was the ex Apollon’s player McLain with 18 points.

Top scorers:

Keravnos: Stylianou 19 points, Smotrycz 14 and 7 rebounds, Barker 13 and 9 rebounds

Paralimni: McLain 18 and 6 rebounds, Anderson 14 

Video Of the Week

Acie Law and V-Span dominated in the guard positions



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