January 24, 2016

Week 11: Keravnos beat ETHA and is still at the top position together with AEK

Week 11: Keravnos beat ETHA and is still at the top position together with AEK

Keravnos Strovolou played better than previous games and won the game against ETHA a bit easier than thought even though the first half was quite astonishing with both the teams traveling together basket to basket. Kenny Barker (191-G-86, college: Alaska-Anch.) was very good for the home team with a lot of work in both scoring and rebounding and as Keravnos played without his center (O' Brien got seriously injured and will miss most of the remaining of the season) controlled the rebounding area and after the 19th minute took over and changed the momentum from neutral to positive.

The first 17-18 minutes was magnificent with both the teams being very close to the score and keeping the nearly 1.000 fans with a sweet taste, especially the home team's fans saw their team after quite some time playing for most of the game very well.

The key of the success for Keravnos was the third magical period as the Strovolos players who were more energetic and passionate than Coach Skarafingas players; they dominated at both edges and reached the +15 points (67-52) difference a minute before the end of the third period. Kenny Barker at the time was the top scorer and performer with 22 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists while from a small distance was Smotrycz with 17 points and 4 rebounds.

The 4th period begun with the fourth foul by Smotrycz but Tomic increased the deficit to +16, 69-53 before Golden scores but misses the free throw to minimize the deficit. Kenny Barker continued to score but Henry was answering back. The basketball from then and on became a bit run and gun and Coach Leivadiotis realizing that asked for the time-out even if the score was 71-57 (7.55' to the end) for his team, he saw that his players relaxed. Theocharidis three pointer brought Keravnos to +17 (74-57) but the 4th foul by Tomic and Pearson's both free throws cut the deficit, while Smotrycz turnover gave the chance to ETHA to score an easy free throw initially and then Pack's two pointer forced Coach Leivadiotis to ask for another time-out with the score being 74-62. Pack's 4th foul and the missed three pointer with the 4th foul by Massamba gave the chance to Golden to minimize the deficit to 10 points and 5.41'' to the end. The two big guys of Keravnos Strovolou, Smotrycz and Tomic played very well and the American assist the Serbian for an easy basket for the 76-64. Pack's three pointer takes the difference to -9 and single digit after quite long time for ETHA. Pearson's goal-foul cut the deficit even more with Tomic fouled out with 3.52' to the end. Kenny Barker's sixth assist and Anastasiadis nice lay-up kept the deficit to -9 (80-71) 2.57'' to the end with the momentum remaining the same as the American players of Coach Skarafingas were not very calm and many turnovers took place at the time. Stylainou's three pointer gave an early end to the game. The final score was 87-73

MVP of the game was the awesome (tonight) Kenny Barker who ended the game with 26 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 block shot!!

It is worth mentioned the fact that Keravnos Strovolou was better in all the statistical areas of the game as in the rebounding had +9 (38-29), in assists was +8 (24-16), in steals the stats were even 7-7 and in steals Keravnos was heading with 3-0. Lastly in the three pointers the stats were 38% vs 12% in 2points there was a 63% for Keravnos and 57% for ETHA while the only black spot for the home team was the charity line as the Keravnos players had only 53.8% 7 of 13 against 76% for ETHA and 19/25

Top scorers:

Keravnos: Kenny Barker 26, Smotrycz 19

ETHA: Golden 21, Henry 14 and Pack 10

After a great game which was a derby for most of the time the home team after its European success (three victories on a row for FIBA Eurocup) found many difficulties to finally beat the very decent team of Omonia Nicosia which seems to be doing a very good job under the coaching of Papadopoulos.

AEK Larnakas took the game not very seriously at the beginning and Omonia took the lead from the early beginning and with very good peripheral game by Manigat and Watson took initially a lead of 20-21 at the end of the first period while two and a half minutes after the beginning of the second period the Nicosia players took their biggest led with 8 points 20-28 as they succeeded a solid 0-7 at the first part of the period and they actually kept it up until the 4.55'' to the end of the first half (23-31). AEK reacted and with a 9-2 cut the deficit to its minimum (32-33) to end the first half with Jamar's free throw (he missed the first one) to go to half time with 33-36. Top scorers for the tired AEK were Brandon Bowman (206-F-84, college: Georgetown) and Panteli with 9 and 8 points respectively while McFadden was in a bad shape and had only 16% from the parameter with 3 points. From awesome Omonia (which played very well the zone-defense) this first half, top scorer was Manigat who scored 12 points in 18.37'' in the court followed by Robinson who had 9 points and 33-36 was the half time. The problem for Omonia was the three fouls called to the two Americans Watson and Robinson.


The third period was absolutely the same, initially the two teams exchange a couple of baskets with the score remaining towards the visiting team which was leading the score and was founding ways to keep the deficit between 3-5. AEK's players were too tired and both McFadden and Brandon Bowman were missing their free shots. AEK remain pointless for more than three minutes but Omonia couldn't get the advantage as the entrance of Koilaras made the defense of the home team quite strong. The score was 36-43 with AEK remaining pointless for 4.30'' but two stupid immature mistakes by Omonia's players pushed AEK to simply balance the game in no time with an amazing 7-0 in less than 40 seconds!! While even though the time out by Papadopoulos tried to calm his team, nothing happened as another one steal brought AEK for the first time (since the 5th minute of the first period), to the leading position with 45-43, a technical foul for both teams followed and the game clam down after some seconds of 'passion. The score remain stacked to 45-45 for more than a minute. Brandon Bowman's fourth foul came and created some problems for the home team but Omonia was lacking of experience and instead of increasing the deficit was giving second and third defensive choices to the home team and with Brown as leading figure in the offense and Palalas in the defense put AEK in the lead with 54-50. Then a technical foul to the Head Coach of AEK Linos Gavriel, gave the chance to the visiting side to cut the deficit to the one point (54-53). Papakostas offensive foul gave the chance to Palalas to increase the score for his team 55-53 which was the result of the third period.

The 4th period begun quite pathetic with the two teams remaining to the 2-2 for more than four minutes!! From then and on AEK took the initiative and with a couple of unanswered baskets took a lead of 7-9 points which was kept nearly all the time as Omonia's players were doing the one turnover after the other remaining in shallow waters as they were able to score just 9 points in the 4th period while the players of AEK scored 17 and they finally won the game with 72-62. It is worth mentioned the fact that the 41 years old naturalized center Jo-Jo Garcia succeeded 12 points and 10 rebounds at his first double-double of the season for the veteran player who replaced successfully the three centers (Brezec, Petrovic, Trisokkas) and was among the top performers of the game in this difficult victory for AEK Larnakas.

Top scorers:

AEK: Brandon Bowman 25 points and 8 rebounds, Panteli 15 points, 3 rebounds, Garcia 12 points and 10 rebounds

Omonia: Manigat 20 points and 8 rebounds, Robinson 14 points and 12 rebounds.

On the other game of the day, APOEL beat quite difficult the team of E.N. Paralimni which had a new Head Coach as the Greek Livanos left the team and the ex Coach o AEK Nikolas Papadopoulos took over the team. The final score was 72-79 for APOEL who had as an MVP the Cyprus international Antreas Sizopoulos who ended the game with 17 points.

Last but not least, Apollon Limassol thrashed Anagennisi Germasogias with 91-64 having as a top scorer for another game Chris Braswell with 21 points and 12 rebounds, while Dumars scored 17 on behalf of the last seated Anagennisi Germasogias.

Video Of the Week

Acie Law and V-Span dominated in the guard positions



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