June 07, 2013

Panathinaikos beat the game no.1 of the finals and is leading the series

Panathinaikos beat the game no.1 of the finals and is leading the series

Panathinaikos broke the home court advantage of Olympiakos and is now leading with 1-0 the final series after the tonight's great victory with 51-64. Coach Argiris Pedoulakis locked all the aces of Coach Bartzokas and with solid basketball was able to succeed the most crucial win in the fist game of the series. Olympiakos played without Acie Law and it was obvious that the Piraeus team had a serious isssue in the point guard position. The final 51-64 is actually showing the real picture of the game. SEF was packed with Olympiakos fun and fortunately enough the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. That was the fourth break for Panathinaikos in the last decade in the finals, against Olympiakos. Being the outsider of the game, Panathinaikos was way calmer than the favorite team and European trophy winning team of Olympiakos.

The addition of Curry for Panathinaikos was obviously the key to the game of the Green six stars, the game was a monologue from the early beggining with Panathiniakos not losing the leading positions which took from the early beggining and dominated allover and in both edges of the court. The centers of Panathinaikos were also much better than their opponents and especially James Gist (205-F-86) was fantastic in the paint while Lasme took over the defence against Hines and knock him over. Panathinaikos was better in all the statistical areas with rebounds being 35-41, the steals being 5-10, the assists 9 -10 and ofcourse above all in the percentages of the shots as the reds were shoting with just 4 out of 29 three pointers (with the last one by Georgios Printezis (206-F-85, agency: FCM) being at the very end when the Greeens stopped playing and the game was over, while Panathinaikos was not much better but obviously the 7 out of 22 three pointers is way better than the red percentage.

In regards to the the key figures of the game, Olympiakos had Vassilis Spanoulis (193-G-82, agency: Beo Basket) being the top scorer with 11 points but with awfull statistics as his 1 of 5 three pointers and the 2 of five two pointers were not enough for his team, since the Green defence and the game of Coach Argiris Pedoulakis with Lasme playing defence in the peripheral (especailly in the second half this was more obvious and as it was succesfull, the Greek head coach continue doing it most of the time) and with Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80) adding his 200th block shot over Vassilis Spanoulis (being in the specific area among the top figures of the league) stopped the Greek MVP of the European final four. Other than that, Olympiakos had no other player in double figures with Georgios Printezis following with 9 points.

On the other side, Panathinaikos with a solid team game, saw three players in double figures with Roko-Leni Ukic (196-PG-84, agency: XL Basketball Agency) scoring 12 points, Michael Bramos (197-G/F-87, college: Miami, OH) 11 points with 3 of 4 three pointers and James Gist with his amazing double-double figures was most definetely the MVP of the game with 10 points and 11 rebounds. Dimitris Diamantidis scored only 4 points but his 7 rebounds, 4 steals, 6 winning fouls and 2 assists were enough to assist the Greens to reach to this amazing road win.

The next game will take place in OAKA in 48 hours, Sunday the 9th of June, 2013, with the pressure being in the side of Olympiakos as now it needs at least a win in OAKA (something which it could happen as in the regular season, Olympiakos the last two years is leaving OAKA with road wins). On the other hand, Panathinaikos needs simply to keep his home advantage and not having the same "issues" as with Barcelona in the top-8 series in the Euroleague when the Greens broke the home court advantage of the Catalonians but the Catalonians return back to Spain with the home court advantage after beating the team of Panathinaikos in OAKA, ofcource all these without Curry who might score (tonight) just 6 points in 20 minutes but his overall performance in the court and in the point guard position was something missing for Panathinaikos this season.... 

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