A unique and original interview from the MVP of 2010-2011, Giorgos Anastasiadis

A unique and original interview from the MVP of 2010-2011, Giorgos Anastasiadis

George, firstly I want to thank you for the opportunity given to me to have this unique interview with the MVP of the Cyprus league. I want to congratulate you once more for a season where basically you won everything, the Cyprus championship, the Cyprus Cup and the MVP title, what is it with you? Do you have the Midas touch and whatever you touch becomes gold?
Thank you very much for your endeavors, for sure you need to have some dose of luck in all the parts of your life and especially for us the athletes (injuries, bad decisions, etc.)but for sure the luck by itself can’t do a lot of things you need three elements to be able to “survive” a) work, hard, b) work hard and c)work harder in order to reach the maximum level, the luck factor is the cherry on a pie.
You are officially after the end of this championship the most successful Cypriot player of all times and with three different clubs. What do you have to say for this?
It is a great horror for me to say something like that but I do believe that there are more Cypriot players who were able to do the same, so I do not think at this stage that I’m the most successful player of all times in the Cyprus Basketball.
There are many basketball figures in the Cyprus society who claim that it’s a pity why a player like you never tried to play abroad. Please tell me did you ever receive any offers from a foreign or Greek league?
The truth is that I had some offers from the Greek league 3-4 years ago from A1 teams, but mostly on a theoretical level, teams like Marousi through the assistant coach Vangelis Aggelou and then the same season from Olympia Larissa, financially though I had the security of my team (Keravnos Strovolou) so I didn’t want to risk it as I had no real offer but just discussions and philological interest. I have the feeling that my concerns were correct as 2 years after the one team got bankrupt (Olympia Larissa) and doesn’t exist anymore, while Marousi is facing huge financial problems since last year. I might act incorrectly but for sure I’m not regretting it at all.
Which title of all you will remember mostly in your career, until today?
Well, all the titles have their own identification the ones I won with Keravnos, the ones I won with APOEL and the ones I won with my current team Etha, but above all I think that I will remember the one I won this season (until the next one….)
Some behind the scene rumors saying that the previous teams where you have been a part of, meaning Keravnos and APOEL thought that you were finished as a basketball player on a higher level and that is the reason why they split ways with you. What do you have to say for this?
I do not believe that Keravnos though that I’m finished, in APOEL maybe they did thought of that, but what goes up must come down, for sure I got really disappointed how a big club like APOEL is managed by its people but of course we have won two championships, so at the end the result is the only thing that counts.
With which one of your team-mates, all these years, both Cypriots and foreigners have you been close with?
With all of my team-mates I had and have great relations but the people that I consider close to me are Panos Serdaris, Valdas Dabkus and Milan Dozet.
Name me the best foreigner ever, played in the Cyprus league, according to your opinion?
Well, there are many players which left their footstep in the Cyprus league but I strongly believe that Mike Jones of Apollon Limassol and Digenis Morfou was one of the best players ever played in the Cyprus league! Even though he joins the Cyprus league at a mature age he was a stand out all the years played in the Cyprus league.
Please tell me which was the best Head coach you ever collaborated with, all these years?
According to my opinion and my experience the best ever Head Coach that I had collaborated with was Vlade Jurovic, I have to admit though that Memos Ioannou helped me a lot at my first season in Keravnos Strovolou. At the same time I totally believe that a number of head coaches who do arrive in the various clubs in Cyprus as Messiahs with no history and not really huge experiences not only they do not offer to the league but they do make it inferior than others.
Let’s assume that with some magical way we could go back 10-12 years. What would have been something to change in your career?
I may do some mistakes from time to time, but not really so crucial, I’m quite satisfied with myself and with my decisions in the past. I’m not unappreciative person so I strongly vote all of my decisions today, so I wouldn’t have change anything.
What do you believe about the Cyprus Basketball Federation? Do you think that they need to change something or the way it works is successful?
Listen, I don’t want to talk for the Federation because if I talk I will be punished and I don’t really want to be punished so I will wait until I retire and then we can talk again about the issue.
What do you think that is keeping back the national team of Cyprus from success?
The Cyprus National Team indeed is not doing very well. There are many reasons for this but the major one is simply due to the fact that the Cypriot players in their clubs do not have any respect from their coaches, they are members of their teams only to help and to be used for some minutes per game, to fill a gap not to be the leaders of their teams. The way that the league is right now, the Cypriot player will become rear specie and will be vanish and the same goes for the Cyprus National team unless foreign players will “baptize” Cypriots and will play for the Cyprus NT.
Which Cypriot(s) players do you consider as being the talented players to be standouts in the Cyprus league the years to come?
There are many talents as I have seen them quite more focused this season in Etha and I totally believe that players such as Riginos Kasinopoulos, Christos Panagiotou, Neofytos Handriotis, Dimitris Aristotelous,  Nikolas Konstantinou and Kostas Papakostas have all the future prospective in front of them and not only for the Cyprus league but also for abroad as they are truly high skilled players and with the right coaching and the hard work they can leave their footstep in the Cyprus Basketball.
What is generally your opinion for the Cyprus players and their teams who do not trust them but at the same time do trust some second and third class bosman players instead of “pushing” the local talents?
The Cypriot player can play in the Cyprus league and deserves to play in the Cyprus league, take for instance AEL this season; three Cypriot players took their team by the hand and drove it to two finals. They prove what their value is in the court. As far as the Bosman players concern I totally agree that the majority of them coming in Cyprus are 2nd and 3rd class players and their present only harms the local players and doesn’t add anything to the league.
What do you think that the teams must change in order to succeed?
My opinion is that most of the teams must minimize their budgets concerning the foreign players and give the chance to Cypriot players to play, also, they need to understand that as fewer Cypriot players play basketball, the fewer fans will follow their teams, the Cypriots will bring Cypriots in the court and not the foreigners, especially the unknown second tier foreigners. I mean look at the Greek league let’s take the six times EuroLeague awarded team of Panathinaikos, the top tier players consider being  Diamantidis, Fotsis, Calathes, Tsartsaris and then in a second phase you can see the Americans and the Serbs of PAO. The tickets are sold due to Fotsis, Kaimakoglou, and Diamantidis and not because of Sato, Tepic and Maric. This is the strongest example that I can give you
Is there a future in Cyprus Basketball?
I personally can’t answer this question today but I might answer it in a couple of years and after my retirement. You know if things will not change dramatically after I will end my career I will never ever step my foot in any court.
George, today is 33 years old, how many good years do you think you have?
Listen, normally as I had no serious injury in my career I believe that I still have at least two good years to offer my services to Cyprus Basketball.
Do you have a contract with Etha or you are a Free agent?
My contract with Etha just ended but I’m I discussions with the management to renew it for another one season, I believe that we will proceed in a new collaboration very soon.
How do you see you self after basketball? Are you going to continue serving the sport from another position?
My life after basketball will be very calm, as it is today, with my family, my daughter who is 3 years old and I can’t see her a lot due to my basketball duties and I believe after my retirement I will focus in my family. With the basketball as it is today and without ay changes I do not want to have any more relations!
Thanks George, wishes you all the best.

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