An interview with the top scorer of the Greek A1 - Nestoras Kommatos

An interview with the top scorer of the Greek A1 - Nestoras Kommatos

Nestora, initially let me thank you for your precious time to spent with us for this short interview in
So firstly let me say “Congratulations’ for a very good season in two teams this year as you left the Greek league somewhere in February, as the top scorer of the Greek A1 league and right after that you were the main reason of the solid tournament of your next stop, Italy’s Ass.Pallacanestro Sant' Antimo, a team that remained in the division mainly due to your concrete games in both scoring and rebounding. How do you feel playing in the European courts in compare to the Greek courts?

Nestoras Kommatos: Well, the culture in the Basketball courts in Europe is much different than the Greek ones, in the European courts you can see families, kids, nice atmosphere with really great merriment for the athletes as there is not any kind of fear and everybody enjoy the game, both winners and losers. I feel great playing in the European courts and I’m honestly very happy every time which a European opportunity given to me to play in some basketball oriented cultures in Europe.

All4basketball: What are your ambitions as a player having in mind that you have already won a Euroleague back in 2005 with Maccabi Tel Aviv, a Greek cup with Aris Thessaloniki, a local champion in Israel and one Cup in the same country while you have been voted many times as the top man of a number of games and many times as the MVP of the season, do you consider yourself fed up with the trophies and titles or you still have some mood and ambitions to win even more titles today and in the short term future?

Nestoras Kommatos: Listen, I’m in love with the sport and that is the reason why I’m still active and honestly speaking I’m not doing bad (laughs), I work very hard every summer and I do some personal trainings over and above my teams training, I’m passionate with the game and I want always to win and of course I still have many ambitions for the future and to win more titles especially if I get the chance with a transfer in a team which really has some honest chances to win titles I will be gladly add with my experience to their target as it will be my target too. So, in a few terms I’m still full of passion and ambitions to win more and more titles

All4basketball: You have just reached your 35th year of age but you are like the good old wine (laughs) the older the better, especially this season you did some really amazing things by scoring 40 points against the Euroleague champions of 2011, Panathinaikos and 42 points against the 2012 Euroleague champions team of Olympiakos, you then helped your Italian club to remain in the division as your scoring, defense and rebounding helped them big time. What’s your secret? For how long can you still play in so high level? And how many minutes per game?

Nestoras Kommatos: I’m working very hard every day, my body is on a great shape, my life is calm, I believe than I’m a good professional and that is the reason why I was able to play 38 minutes in the Greek league and 32 minutes in the Italian league, I strongly believe that due to my experience and due to my position in the court I can play some decent basketball in a high level for at least another 2-3 years. I practice a lot, I don’t do any exaggerations, I don’t drink and im spending quite many hours in the gym, all these elements are helping me to keep up, being fit and play my game so I think that at least 25 quality minutes I can give to any team at this stage without having any problem, of course if my coach wants me to stay more in the court I would gladly do so.

All4basketball: Have you had any serious injuries in your career?
Nestoras Kommatos: I never had any serious injuries in my career and as I was working out very hard all these years I was lucky enough to avoid any serious damages, that’s being said in all the 18 years playing professional basketball I had probably the blessings of God and my family…
Eurobasket: You have been playing basketball in Greece, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey and Israel most seasons in a very high level, do you have any personal opinion for the French league? Have you ever had any serious offers from France in all these years in the European courts? Do you think you can play in the French league?

Nestoras Kommatos: I think that the French Basketball is getting better and better, is a fast break basketball, good Americans, many NBAers, full of passion, many dunks, not so full of tactic (if I may say so) is a physical and powerful style the French style and I need to confess that I like it a lot. If I’m not mistaken four years ago I had an offer from a French club (I think it was Villeurbanne) but I had some better financial offer by the Russian club Lokomotiv Rostov so I decided to join forces with Lokomotiv, other than that I never had any other offers from French clubs. I love the French way of playing basketball and I think that I will be a very good match for a French team if there will be any decision to move on my career to France.

All4basketball: What do you know for the French league in general? Have you had any discussions with your ex team-mate Dimitris Haritopoulos who played in ASVEL this season and went quite decently in the games played?

Nestoras Kommatos: As I mentioned before I like the French basketball and I can say from the games of the France National team that is quite difficult and powerful league, Dimitris told me that he has very good memories and the degree of professionalism of the French teams is very high, he was really happy when he was telling me all these, so I’m really eager to find out more (laughs)

All4basketball: So you would have reacted positively in a possible French offer?
Nestoras Kommatos: Well, if the offer is good for me and my career and represents what I believe is my part in the game and in the team yes of course, besides France in among the few good leagues I never played and if I have another 2-3 seasons to fulfill my career I would have been more than happy to join forces with a French team..

All4basketball: From time to to time you have played from the position 2 of the shooting guard and then you moved to the small forward position while in the latest years you do play as a power forward too, which is your favorite post in the court and where do you think you can play better as a natural position?

Nestoras Kommatos: My natural position if I can also use this term is the one of small forward but as in the modern basketball the posts are changing I am also a solid power forward and that is the reason why I have quite solid numbers in the rebounds all these seasons, while I can do many other thinks in the court such as defense, assisting and even organizing (in a way) the game of my team spreading my experience to the younger players, do not forget that this season in the Greek courts I had at least 7 team-mates who had more or less half the game than mine so I was their “coach” in the court too.

All4basketball: Do you consider yourself as a player a low temper or a calm player?

Nestoras Kommatos: I’m truly a very clam player even though sometimes my passion and game stressovercomes my calmness, I truly leave each and every game as if it’s a final and no matter what I want to win it, even if it is a friendly game, so sometimes my passion to win and to help my team and team-mates can be overcoming my calmness but I never in all these 17-18 professional seasons played basketball face any serious incident in the court.

All4basketball: Nestora, what can you really give in a team other than your experience and which are your strong points?

Nestoras Kommatos: I can offer a package of services which includes defense, scoring, experience and wisdom through the years I spent in the courts. Of course it all depends from the Head Coach, I can and will offer whatever he wants, if he wants score I will give it to him if he wants assists, rebounds, defense or whatever I will be there for him and the team, I have always the team over and above my personality in the court.

All4basketball: Nestora would you like to send a message to the French Basketball and the French basketball lovers and fans?

Nestoras Kommatos: Yes, to the French Basketball I want to say keep up the good job, the European basketball needs a good and solid French league, Its nearly a mast for the Basketball to always have strong French basketball and at this stage also financially solid teams, as at this stage and in my homeland this is something which is quite rear. So all the best to the French Basketball, all my wishes with them and to the fans keep doing what you are doing always in decent manners and avoid all these hooliganism which I know you do not have in your country.

All4basketball Nestora Thanks a lot for your time

Nestoras Kommatos: I want to give my best wishes for your site  and keep up the good work and all the best, I also want to say thank you for the honor made to me with this interview…

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